Friday, August 29, 2008

Still waiting...

So our shipment from Japan was delayed a week. And now has the illustrious honor of being selected for a "detailed customs inspection." Oh, joy. Hopefully we will get our stuff really soon. I am sick of the air mattress.

Things are happening, though, in our house. I got it all painted. The living-room armoire has been put back together. Our new couch arrives tomorrow (it's so cool!). The basement gets carpeted next week. All will be standing in readiness for the rest of our household goods.

I entertained four kids yesterday. This is not something I would have cheerfully taken on two years ago. But they are all 2 years older, and Tarran is actually helpful these days. I took them all to the newly refurbished Seattle Aquarium, because I wanted to see what they had done with the place, and because I heard my friend Kristine, much to my surprise, was volunteering there nowadays. We snuck up on her this time, but she said next time, if we call her in advance, she can give us a personal Secret Squirrel behind-the-scenes tour.

She did take us to an Access Only area above the giant tank up front to see the wave machine in action and to meet their baby shark. It's momma had birthed 20 babies, but only this guy survived. I didn't know sharks swam sideways like that. He was very cute, and kept poking his nose out to say hi.

We also got to see her feed the octopus. He is the coolest thing in the aquarium, in my opinion. Kristine told us a story about him: apparently there was once a female octopus introduced to him when he was in rut, or whatever you call it when an octopus is horny. He said Can I get some, she said You can't get none. So he ate her. I guess male octopuses don't handle rejection well.

We got out of there after 3 losses-and-findings of kid items (one camera, one Piggy-wink, and one set of rubbings), which led me to voice the opinion that all children should have their belongings stapled to them, and to have a renewed faith in Seattlites. They may be shitty drivers, but they at least turn stuff into Lost and Found.

The kids start school next week. Hoo. Ray. I think they are a little nervous.

Hopefully, my next post will show you our house with all the stuff in it.


Blogger Martine said...

Shitty news about the Japan shipment - can't wait to see the pics of teh house fully decked out. Every room please. :)

I saw some awesome footage on google of a squid killing a shark once, those 8-legged beasties are fer-o-cious!

Love ya, miss ya.

9:55 AM  
Blogger MissSin said...

Don't know when or where i read it, but i read about an octopus once. It was in an aquarium on his own.
Nearby, there was a tank that was used to hold all the little fishes & stuff that are used as food.
Aquarium staff were really confused because stocks in the food tank kept mysteriously running low. They interviewed everyone and couldn't figure out why anyone would want to steal the stuff, which was pretty worthless to anyone who wasn't a fish eating sea creature.
So, they set up some cameras to catch the criminal.
And guess what they found? Yup, the octopus was sneaking out of his tank, gorging himself in the food tank, then coming back to his own tank before the aquarium opened in the morning.
Sneaky little buggers, these octopuses (octopi?)

9:53 AM  

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